Kashmir solidarity is our top priority

By: Prof. Shaukat Pervez Mussarat Awan
Chairman Kashmir affairs Committee PFA Austria
President Press Club Austria

For the past few decades Indian Government has frustratedly been trying to find out ways and means as how to divert Pakistan attention from the very core issue of Indian illegally occupied Valley of Jammu and Kashmir.

One of the basic aims of Modi Regime Strategy towards Indian occupied Kashmir is to crush Kashmir’s solidarity and its freedom movement. Under these circumstances India seems to be always there to make sure the rest of the world that the law and order situation in the occupied Valley of Jammu and Kashmir is under control and over all satisfactory but in the wake of prevailing situation the Indian occupied Kashmir Modi BJP, his military troops, his RSS cronies as well as his intelligence network seem to be utterly failed and frustrated from stopping Kashmiri people not to observe Kashmir solidarity day.

In the past Era successive Indian governments have declined and neglected 1949 UN Security Council Resolutions on Kashmir. The very negligence from sanctioning right of the self-determination for the people of Kashmir on the part of India is not hidden from the democratic countries of the world. At the same time, it is an open challenge to most of the freedom loving nations and human right organisations which are meant for democracy and dignity of human rights in this world.
So far as Pakistan solidarity with the people of occupied Jammu and Kashmir is concerned it is based on unity and support (moral or diplomatic) because this is the need of the day, and this is also considered to be the first and fore most need for thousands and thousands of Kashmiri people suffering at the hands of India in Kashmir. Pakistan is firmly determined to extend its support and unity to Kashmiri People and honour the sacrifices made for the freedom of Kashmir from the freedom fighters in the war against Modi terrorism illegal domination and oppression in Kashmir. On the occasion of Kashmir’s solidarity Day our hearts, souls and minds are with our Kashmiri brothers and sisters we are not separated from them, and they are not separated from us, they are our kith and kin.
Kashmir solidarity Day reminds us the history of freedom of Kashmir it reminds us different movements and sacrifices which are planned and made in an effort to have a free Kashmir. In this scenario we will not let our Kashmiri brothers and sisters alone.

The present scenario of occupied Kashmir is worth mentioning Indian government has left no sign of reconciliation peace or permanent settlement in Kashmir. At present peace-loving organisations in this World are wondering of Modi democracy which is worse than Gen. Spinola dictatorship in the past. The abuse of human rights in Kashmir is touching the plight of misery, bloodshed, genocide, extra judicial killing, and women molestation in Kashmir. Each and every inch of occupied Valley has been cordoned off, permanent Curfews and long lockdowns have made the life of innocent Kashmiris more miserable than one can imagine. Kashmiri people are longing for their basic rights which should be available in any kind of human society but from the Valley of Kashmir these human rights have been withdrawn and compelling most of the Kashmiris to live without houses, health facilities and education. Nobody in the history of the World has experienced such dark and dreary and miserable lifetime as Kashmiri People are experiencing in the occupied Valley of Jammu and Kashmir now a days. At this moment the solution of the territory of Kashmir is important but much more important than this is to take action against the abuse of human right exploitation on the part of India in Kashmir. First of all we should address the sanctioning of human rights to Kashmiri people for whom Modi has turned Kashmir into a permanent jail and for this reason these people are leading their lives worse than the animals. I think this is the time that all the international organisations should show their concern for the sobs sighs and cries of Kashmiri People which are overheard by the Indian Government these days. To my mind the UN High Commissioner on human rights committee should order for the third human rights inquiry to do the proper justice for the Kashmiri People who are being much more severely violated in the phase of human rights catastrophe in the occupied Valley of Jammu and Kashmir, naturally the third human rights inquiry commission for the people of occupied Kashmir will make it crystal clear that the human rights violations as compared with the last inquiry has tremendously increased over there. This drastic and dangerous human right issue in the occupied Valley of Jammu and Kashmir is one of the biggest hindrances in the way of self-determination and freedom for Kashmir as well as for its solidarity.

It has usually been observed everywhere that two days before or a few days later than Kashmiri solidarity Day bomb explosion take place in Pakistan the recent suicide bomb explosion in Peshawar City of Pakistan is an obvious example of this Indian terrorism which the Modi government and its Intelligence Network sponsors and exports to Pakistan through the people of neighbouring Muslim Country. We are well aware of this Indian secret Service movement to destroy the very stability and peace of Pakistan and we also now how we can pay back the same to India in the same coins. It is crystal clear that when there will be unrest in Pakistan created by India by hiring a few Islamic fundamentalist this will affect the dialogue process based on peace between India and Pakistan very adversely. Our foreign office is always prepared to register Pakistan Protest on this conduct of Modi Government. Sorry to Say Modi Government seems to be indifferent so far as our protest is concerned. Pakistan diplomacy towards India is based on tolerance peace and dialogue on the other hand Modi Government does not think so. Modi is the one who likes to make troubles and he sponsors troublemakers at any cost, because of Modi regime the solidarity process from the side of Pakistan with Kashmir is negatively affected. Modi sponsors terrorism, internal clashes, and all over unrest. In this scenario even his own Hindus are not happy with his government in order to disturb Kashmir and to do away from the right of self-determination for Kashmiri Modi has put most of the Indian States on fire. There are riots, rallies and protests against Modi Government throughout India. In fact, over all India is on fire now a days. I think on one side it is the reaction of Kashmir and its solidarity and on other side worsening state of human rights in the Valley which has motivated and forced every Indian to protest against Modi government against their rights. Muslim majority states in India and Khalistan are no exception to Kashmir. The question is how long India will sustain it.

Pakistan solidarity with Kashmir is an open message to India to provide the innocent Kashmiris their basic rights for their life and pave the way leading to their right of their self-determination and freedom. Right from 1991 Pakistan Kashmir with the rest of the World including overseas Pakistani are regularly observing and honoring Kashmir’s solidarity Day which takes place on the fifth of February every year. Kashmir solidarity Day has got an international importance all the World observes this day with great pride and honor Pakistan stand on Kashmir is world known it is justified and unique in its character and nature. The stand of our Pakistan armed forces our government and our Nation is firmed and confirmed on this solidarity Day of Kashmir. Everyone from us and every Institution in Pakistan think about the future of Kashmir and is always be prepared to take some necessary steps in this regard on this special occasion of Kashmir solidarity Day we would like to remind Indian government once again about the future of Kashmir for the sake of peace in this world we are prepared to have a peaceful dialogue with India on the core issue of Kashmir let us talk about and resolve the long standing issue of Kashmir in the light of UN Security Council resolutions it is a known truth that our diplomacy on Kashmir issue is crystal clear it is based on peace and dialogue.

Concerning the future of Kashmir, the stand of our great Pakistan Army, our Government, our Nation is firmed and confirmed. We are proud of our armed forces who have fought two important wars on Kashmir with great success and presented their remarkable sacrifices for the protection and defense of Pakistan and Kashmir and has also blessed Pakistan and Kashmir with a strongest line of control. I do believe a solid and strong Pakistan is a way to a strong safe and solid Kashmir in the presence of honorable Army of Pakistan and its intelligence agencies our enemy cannot dare to damage the freedom sovereignty and solidarity of Pakistan with Kashmir.

Long live Kashmir – Long live Pakistan – Long live Pakistan Army

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