Nawaijang London is read everywhere in the UK apart from where Urdu enthusiasts live. In today’s digital age, nothing has been difficult to measure when our webmaster tried to find out where Nawaijang London is viewed on the web. So the names of such countries came where I could not even imagine that Pakistanis would live there, for example, Afghanistan, Mali, India, Tango, Maldives, Bangladesh.

When I started the central page in Lahore recently, I found such gems that even the senior editors were surprised and worried because they did not even leave a five rupee note of actress Reema. It is a truly holy profession, so if there is no corruption in it, Allah Almighty has successfully made this journey spanning 36 years a success.

In Europe, Middle East, Gulf, Russia, Australia, Canada, America, there were thousands if not millions of readers. In fact, after emigrating from Pakistan, Nawaijang London published it from London. In those days, there was no free newspaper from Britain. It was free for the nation. It proved to be a gift and earned a lot of fame. We may become a nation, if we should not give up hope because God Almighty does not like hopelessness.

Millions of Pakistanis are living in Britain, but the poor were mostly without knowledge and skills, but among them there is also a knowledgeable section, for whom Nawaijang London has issued a title page.

Asif Salim Mitha Founder & Chief Executive Daily Nawaijing London Group of Newspapers Karachi, Hyderabad, Multan, Lahore, Islamabad, Peshawar, Quetta